What makes us Different?

The Sound Mfg. engineering team has the experience and diversity to provide design support and functional enhancements, 3D modeling, fixturing and tooling automation, and prototype design and development. The capabilities of the engineering department enable us to reduce the cost of fabrication through design efficiencies. The results are high quality fabrication, and increased productivity and efficiency of the production process, which enhance profitability and differentiate us from our competition.


Monster Power Equipment, Inc. entered the market with several key differentiators in product design. The results of the differentiators will benefit the Monster organization as well as distribution, dealerships, and end users. These differentiators include the following:



  • New style of impellors - the central mechanical component to the functionality of the machine. The new impellor design increases shredding to maximize compaction ratios, resulting in increased productivity and reduced overall expenses. The new design is in the process of a patient review.
  • EPA C.A.R.B. Compliant Engines fuel injected engine options to support green initiatives and minimize fuel cost.
  • Interchangeable mounting systems – the same unit can be mounted on a trailer, swing mount, or skid mounts. Other manufacturers provide a fixed mount system, requiring the end-user purchase a new unit if their needs change.
  • Removable housing covers for easy access to wear components, minimizing downtime.
  • Human capital - the team has great diversity and expertise in all aspects of our operations, ranging from management skills, sales, engineering capabilities, technical expertise, and quality control which affords the Monster organization the depth of knowledge and experience that is not typical of a new company.

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